Steven Sean Garland is an American film and television actor with extensive stage credits that include legit as well as musical theater. His most recent on-screen appearances include Lore for Amazon Video, Netflix original Bloodline, and AMC’s The Walking Dead, as well as Andrew Dean’s Fronteras, premiering later in 2018 (see trailer below). Though traditionally cast as standard issue scumbags, dads, and corporation asshats, he is nonetheless quite complex and variegated, having successfully plied his trade more than once at portraying benevolent scumbags, dads, and cooperation asshats.

And Golda Meir. But only at bridge club. And only on Purim.

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Check out Steve in this trailer for Fronteras, written and directed by Andrew Dean. Featuring Esteban Sonny Oropeza, Wade Dienert, Randy Green, and Cortez Chappell. Director of Photography Diego Cacho. Original music composed by Alonso Cacho.

Check out the screen caps below